Holland's all-aluminum Roastin' Post


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Holland's all-aluminum Roastin' Post is a great and different way to grill a chicken on your Holland Grill. The concept is simple--constant heat from your grill or oven boils the mixture you select and forces it out through the vent holes into the meat of the chicken. This is an absolutely ingenious way to add new and interesting flavors without opening the lid. Simply pour a small amount of your seasoning and liquid concoction (alcohols and citrus juices are great tenderizers) in to the post, put the cap on and place your chicken down over the post. One of my favorite mixtures is available on your grocer's shelf. It's Red Wine Garlic Vinegar. If you like those flavors, you'll love it with Holland's Roastin' Post.

NOTE: Not compatible with Companion Grill.

TIP: Spray PAM or some other vegetable spray on the chicken post prior to cooking. This will make it easier to clean later.

Holland's all-aluminum Roastin' Post
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