Happy Jack® Itch No More Shampoo™, 12 oz

Happy Jack® Itch No More Shampoo™ provides relief for flea bites and other non-specific Skin Irritations.

  • Eliminates doggy odor and leaves a pleasant fragrance
  • Stops itching, scratching, and gnawing with first application
  • Excellent for generalized or localized skin conditions such as moist or dry patches of skin
  • Helps in the control of scaling and odor
  • Helps to reduce irritation and scratching caused by flea bites
  • Soothes and deodorizes immediately
  • Will not stain light-coated animals
  • Contains soothing refined coal tar and sulfur, with coat conditioners
  • PH adjusted
  • Use as directed
Happy Jack® Itch No More Shampoo™, 12 oz
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