Flav-o-buds Mesquite 1lb. Bag


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Add just the right amount of smokey flavor to your beef, grilled turkeys, pork roasts or chickens with our Flav-o-buds smoking pellets. Made of 100% wood with no fillers, these pellets provide just enough smoke to give you a light, flavorful taste. Hickory works well with beef, pork chops and turkeys. Mesquite adds a nice "Texas" flavor to steaks and briskets. You'll love the way whole pork loins and roasts taste with our newest flavor, Apple. Packaged in resealable plastic bags for your convenience. Buy a bag for your favorite Holland-griller today or why not save 10% and buy a whole case!

Flav-o-buds  Mesquite 1lb. Bag
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