Carolina Seasoning 13 oz Bottle


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"The Original" include:

Look who got a makeover! We thought it was about time we gave our signature seasoning a little facelift. But dont' worry--it's still the same inside. The Carolina Seasoning is a zesty seasoning mix for all foods. You'll get hooked on this incredible, all-purpose concoction. People from all over the country, no matter what they cook on, call us to find out where they can buy this seasoning. It's salty and loaded with all the good spices. You can absolutely use it on steaks, chops, chickens, turkeys, scrambled eggs, burgers, vegetables -- heck it will even make a hotdog taste good! I've tried seasonings from all over the country and there is none better than this one. This product does not contain MSG.

Carolina Seasoning 13 oz Bottle
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